IK PROJECT has a decade of experience and involvement in large-scale projects that have pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Our role is to support your creative vision no matter how ambitious, and to find the solutions you need.<

Our work generally starts with a projector layout evaluation, which will use CAD plans and 3D models to identify the optimum projector positions, lens ratios, brightness and resolution values. We offer consultation on the overall video system design with a focus on practicality, flexibility, reliability and cost effectiveness. For your creative developments, we offer workshop space and scale modeling tools, plus on-location programming, R&D and custom development services.

IK PROJECT will support your team throughout the production process, from early design to show premiere and beyond.


Motion control is one of our specialties. We can make people fly and move all kinds of objects up and down, left and right and from back to front.

We create versatile and flexible automation systems for all theatrical and fixed installation shows.

We offer a wide range of rental motion control systems and modular units developed for the handling of LED screens, sets and moving bodies for all sorts of applications.

This system allows a reduction of delivery times, an easy interface with other systems, a quick and intuitive installation, no development, production or maintenance costs, while optimizing storage and transport logistics.


video mapping
& play out

IK-project takes care of the necessary video system for broadcasting. 

The mapping projection consists in handling the video projection system on the irregular surfaces of buildings or sculptural elements. The feeling of a new fluid reality alters the “natural” visual perception of three-dimensional shapes and replaces the existing solid element.

In architecture, the elements that change the surface’s uniformity, i.e. the decorations or the windows, are used as elements that generate other shapes. Video mapping is also applicable to moving bodies. BODY MAPPING makes the body itself become an expressive technological element, integrated in the choreography.

Video mapping technology has the unique ability to “tell a story” together with the possibility of building a tailor-made event. To impress, excite and involve: these are the elements that distinguish this way of communicating.

IK PROJECT will support your team throughout the production process, from early design to show premiere and beyond.


IIt is a customizable integrated system between video mapping and moving bodies.

Interactive video projections that allow you to create fascinating sensorial experiences by interacting in touch mode with large screens and surfaces or with floor interaction modes.

Interactive projections are ideal solutions for reproducing scenographies and installations of great impact and are adaptable to multiple uses, such as shows, events, permanent installations…


The plus range base units can be customized, so whatever your needs and budget, there’s a disguise system tailor-made for you, making each show a unique production, “designed, cut and sewn” specifically for the occasion.